Tre Mulini

Carbohydrates play a vital role in Mediterranean cuisine, making it essential to make thoughtful choices when it comes to pasta and oven-baked products for your daily nutrition. The Tre Mulini line is centred around wheat-based offerings, encompassing an assortment of bread, pastries, small semolina pasta enriched with eggs, cereals, crackers, flour, and a host of other products.

Among the specialties offered by Tre Mulini, you’ll discover unique semolina pasta varieties, including tagliatelle and taglione featuring eggs, along with a delightful range of filled and fresh pasta for crafting your preferred dishes. For a nourishing breakfast, explore our cereal selection, available in a plethora of delicious variations, from classic corn flakes to whole grains adorned with red fruits, and even fiber-rich, crisp muesli.

The Tre Mulini’s product line extends to include a generous selection of frozen products designed for the oven, as well as delectable snacks, such as pizza, stuffed focaccia, and ready-made appetizers, all waiting for your selection.

Tre Mulini - Eurospin Malta