Eurospin, So Clever, So Good

Introducing Eurospin, the magnificent titan of Italian discounted retail. Why, you ask? Because a whopping 10 million smart shoppers have already chosen us, and countless more embark on the thrilling journey of discovering the absolute uniqueness of our offerings each and every day. We stand tall with an impressive array of over 1,200 retail outlets, a dedicated workforce of over 20,000 passionate individuals, and a dazzling presence in Italy for a remarkable 30 years and counting, with a breathtaking turnover that soared to nearly 9 billion euros in 2022.

The epic tale of Eurospin began in 1993, born from the visionary minds of four Italian retail giants who yearned to provide a truly Italian answer to the ever-growing need for savings among our beloved customers.

At the heart of Eurospin lies the Italian embodiment of the discount store. It’s a realm where the pride of ownership is wholly Italian, where the store’s ambiance radiates that warm, family embrace cherished by the discerning Italian consumer. Our carefully curated selection of goods is a harmonious symphony of daily necessities intertwined with the rich tapestry of Italian culinary traditions. Eurospin, where brilliance and goodness unite in perfect harmony!

So Clever, So Good 

Eurospin’s philosophy is summed up in the name of the brand itself:

“SP” stems from the Italian word for Shopping (Spesa) and “IN” stems from the Italian word for Clever (Intelligente).

Clever shopping is the ability to ensure quality products at maximum convenience every day.

Our Slogan So Clever So Good is the fruit of this philosophy.

The marketing of the products takes place through the brands owned by Eurospin, which, therefore, remains to this day the only chain in Italy, probably in Europe, not to have large-scale industrial brands in its assortment of packaged food products. We are happy to extend this milestone in Malta.

This allows you to have a quality assortment at unbeatable prices , since most of the investments are focused on maintaining the best quality/price ratio on the market.


Our brands

Private lables are the heart of Eurospin’s identity.

At the heart of our commercial strategy lies a pulsating variety of product selection and the creation of Eurospin’s distinctive brands. Our assortment never stands still; it’s a constantly evolving force, attuned to the ever-shifting tides of market demand. Eurospin isn’t just a name; it’s a blazing emblem of trust, and that trust courses through the veins of our brands, infusing them with Eurospin’s rock-solid credibility.

Picture brands like ‘Land,’ reigning over the realm of milk and dairy delicacies; ‘Tre Mulini,’ the undisputed champion of pasta, bread, and flours; ‘Dolciando,’ the maestro of mouthwatering desserts; ‘Dexal,’ the wizardry behind our powerful detergents; ‘Ondina,’ the guardian of premium fish; ‘Fior di Natura,’ the virtuoso of plant-based marvels; ‘Amoessere,’ the flag-bearer for organics and catering to food intolerances; and our sparkling ‘Stars,’ the ultimate standard-bearers of premium excellence. These brands have morphed into unshakable beacons, guiding and reassuring the discerning consumer at every turn.

Discover all our brands

the EuroSpin philosophy

At Eurospin, we’re not just in the business of providing products; we’re in the business of exceeding expectations. Our commitment to delivering variety, quality, and unbeatable convenience is a relentless pursuit. We keep our offering in a constant state of evolution, a dynamic dance to the rhythm of ever-changing market demands. With over 2,200 items proudly carrying our brand, we’re your ultimate destination for the essentials you desire.

Clever Shopping isn’t just a marketing strategy—it’s in the DNA of everything we do. Our suppliers are handpicked based on stringent quality criteria, from the finest raw materials to cutting-edge processing methods, ensuring unwavering production continuity.

But there’s something uniquely Italian about our approach. It’s about understanding the very soul of Italian consumers and catering to their needs. We believe in a focused assortment, a collection that doesn’t overwhelm with excess but delivers on all the essentials.

Beyond our delectable range of fresh, dried, and frozen goods, we’ve got the very heart of your daily needs covered. Our butchery and fruit and vegetable departments ensure you have everything you desire for your everyday life. Fresh bread, a thriving fishmonger section, and a sumptuous delicatessen are also staples in many of our stores.

And to round out the package, we’ve got an extra surprise in store. Our non-food section features a selection of commonly used items, from appliances to household goods, textiles to DIY supplies, all at prices that make you smile. Don’t miss Enkho, the brand that embodies Eurospin’s dedication to quality and affordability in the realm of small household appliances. We’re here to make your shopping experience more than just a chore—it’s a thrilling adventure!

Clever shopping begins with the product’s creation and extends beyond just its marketing. Suppliers are chosen based on quality criteria, encompassing the selection of raw materials, processing methods, and the maintenance of production consistency.


In crafting the product range, the essence of Italian culture is once again pivotal, providing insight into the preferences and requirements of Italian consumers. Eurospin adheres to a philosophy of a curated selection that addresses all essential consumer needs without being scattered or repetitive.

Alongside fresh, dried, and frozen packaged goods, Eurospin stores feature butcher, fruit and vegetable departments, ensuring a comprehensive daily shopping experience across essential product categories for the modern Italian consumer. This is complemented by offerings like fresh bread, fishmonger, and delicatessen sections, available in numerous stores, all catering to diverse needs.


Enhancing the product range, Eurospin stores occasionally feature promotions on commonly used non-food items such as appliances, household goods, textiles, DIY, and more. Even in the non-food category, Eurospin strives for an optimal quality-price ratio, exemplified by the brand Enkho, symbolizing Eurospin’s offering in the realm of small household appliances.

Our stores

Eurospin stores are built according to the principle that shopping must be a simple and quick experience.

Step into the future of shopping at our latest-gen stores, sprawling over 2,000 square meters! We’ve redefined the shopping experience, making our products shine like stars and incredibly easy to grab. But that’s not all – we’ve taken Clever Shopping to a whole new level. Our smart product displays, neatly packaged in cartons, not only dazzle your senses but also ensure speedy restocking, slashing costs, and keeping prices unbelievably low.

And the excitement doesn’t stop at the door. Our cutting-edge stores feature ample parking lots with eye-catching totems, visible from every angle. Your journey into the world of clever shopping begins right from the moment you approach our store – the adventure starts before you even set foot inside!”

The EuroSpin organisation 

Eurospin is a prominent player in the Italian market, boasting a network of more than 1,200 stores across Italy and an additional 57 in Slovenia and 23 in Croatia. Eurospin Italia SpA serves as the central holding company, overseeing vital strategic functions such as procurement, marketing, logistics, expansion, design, administration, management control, research and development, and human resources.

The development and sale of real-estate assets are entrusted to five operating companies operating in Italy, all under the aegis of Eurospin Italia SpA. These entities, including Spesa Intelligente, Eurospin Tirrenica, Eurospin Lazio, Eurospin Puglia, and Eurospin Sicilia, are pivotal in the organisation’s operations. Moreover, Eurospin EKO, operating in Slovenia, and Eurospin Hrvatska, serving Croatia, contribute to our regional presence.

In conjunction with our extensive retail network, we maintain 17 strategically located warehouses throughout Italy, ensuring our stores are consistently well-stocked.

At the core of our operations is an unwavering commitment to conducting business in full compliance with all legal regulations, fostering an environment of equitable competition. We uphold the principles of honesty, integrity, correctness, and good faith, all while respecting the legitimate interests of our valued customers, dedicated employees, commercial and financial partners, and the communities where the Gruppo Eurospin operates day in and day out.

Apart from our extensive network of over 1,200 stores in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, we maintain 17 warehouses strategically positioned across the country. These warehouses play a crucial role in ensuring a continuous and efficient supply to our stores.

Conducting our operations is imperative within the bounds of complete adherence to legal regulations and fair competition. We prioritize honesty, integrity, correctness, and good faith, while also respecting the legitimate interests of customers, employees, business and financial partners, as well as the communities in which the Eurospin Group is actively involved every day.