Delicious fish from the deep sea


Experience the flavours of the sea at your table daily, courtesy of Athena’s fine products.

The Athena line boasts a range of offerings, including the timeless canned tuna in ready-to-eat oil. But there’s much more to explore, with a selection of fish specialties designed for easy preparation, whether in the oven or on a stovetop.

For a taste of what’s available, consider options like breaded cod or salmon sticks, breaded fish steaks, pan-fried fish and Roman-style seafood, cod fillets, as well as fish sauces and seasonings perfect for crafting delectable fish appetizers. Athena even caters to those with a busy lifestyle, offering an array of convenient ready-to-eat meals, ensuring that you can enjoy the goodness of fish without sacrificing time.

Athena - Eurospin Malta

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