Duca Moscati

Desserts for important moments

Special occasions call for extraordinary desserts, and Duca Moscati is the expert in crafting delectable confections for all significant moments.

During the festive Christmas season, pandoro and panettone are essential additions to the holiday table, offering a sweet conclusion to any celebration. The Duca Moscati line proudly presents soft and flavorful pandoro, as well as traditional panettone, made according to time-honored recipes featuring candied fruit and raisins. These delightful treats come in a variety of types and sizes, including options with luscious creamy fillings, catering to the most discerning gourmands.

Come Easter, the tradition continues with the dove-shaped Easter cake, aptly named “Dove,” or “Colomba” adorned with candied fruit or a luscious chocolate topping. Each individual can select their preferred variation.

Duca Moscati extends its range to encompass a wide array of desserts, from indulgent chocolate pralines to crispy mandolatas, offering sweet, bite-sized delights to suit every palate.

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