Tobias presents a delightful selection of sausages crafted from chicken, turkey, and pork, perfect for crafting imaginative recipes that are sure to please both adults and children alike. These sausages can be served in various ways, whether enjoyed on their own, baked alongside some crispy fries, or prepared as hot dogs for a speedy dinner – with chicken and turkey hot dogs being excellent options for this purpose.


For an appetizing snack, pair these sausages with some delectable sliced olives, and consider indulging in our Mini Wurstel Parties mini hot dogs, perfect for immediate consumption. Furthermore, we offer unique twists on the traditional hot dog recipe, including cheese-filled hot dogs and Servelade hot dogs, a specialty from the Alto Adige region. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred format, whether it’s the classic size, a medium packaging, or the larger option.

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